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61 Why are there white spots on the DuraFinish’s glazed surface after I cured it?

This is usually the result of incomplete evaporation of the solvent. If you place too thick a layer of DuraFinish All-Cure and do not allow it a full 30 seconds to dry, you can trap solvent bubbles within the glaze. These solvent bubbles will appear as white…

62 Why has the monomer liquid in the brown SNAP bottle solidified?

The most common reason for this occurrence is that the tip of the dropper became contaminated with SNAP powder. If SNAP powder gets into the liquid (even the smallest amount) the chemical reaction begins and the liquid will eventually solidify.

63 Why is it so difficult to dispense Cinch’s heavy body materials from the cartridge?

You are probably using the wrong size mixing tip. For all Cinch Heavy bodied materials, you should use the large blue-green colored mixing tip. (Parkell Stock # S496.)

64 Why is the surface tacky after curing DuraFinish?

The tacky feeling is usually the result of incomplete curing. Incomplete curing leaves an oxygen-inhibited layer on the surface. Try increasing the exposure time to your curing light. If that does not solve the problem, check the output of your light with…

65 Will DuraFinish All-Cure interfere with the occlusion if placed on posterior restorations?

No – due to its low film thickness, if properly applied, occlusal adjustments will not be necessary.