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46 We currently have (and I use it continually and exclusively) the Turbo Piezo unit. Would it be possible to order the "key" (the device one uses to attach and detach the various scaling fittings)? And what would be the cost of that single 'part'?

The "key" you are referring to is available separately from Parkell. We call it a "TurboPiezo Tip Wrench", and it is Parkell Stock No. D697. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-243-7446 if you wish to order this item.

47 We were met with objections regarding hydrolysis underneath the 4-META hybrid layer several years ago, and would like to know if this has proven to be the case or not. If you have any other information we can use on this, I will appreciate it a lot.

I've been asked to address the issue of hydrolysis at or under the hybrid layer produced by 4-META adhesives before. There are literally hundreds of research papers attesting to the long-term durability of this hybrid layer, many of which can be found at…

48 What are the differences between the impression materials Cinch™ and SHARP™?

Cinch is a reasonably priced, very good quality polyvinyl siloxane impression material, designed to take excellent C&B-MetaBond and denture impressions. However, in the 20 years since Cinch was created, chemistry has advanced to the point where vinyls…

49 What can be added to DuraFinish All-Cure to thin it out?

Since the solvent in DuraFinish All-Cure is ethanol, you would use that to thin it out. However, due to its low viscosity, it should not be necessary to thin DuraFinish All-Cure to achieve the desired result.

50 What can we use to disinfect Cinch™ impressions before sending them to the lab?

Cinch is a vinyl polysiloxane impression material. University and hospital-based studies clearly demonstrate that vinyls are resistant to most dental surface disinfectant products. Sprays or short soaks with ethyl alcohol/phenol, dilute iodophors, quats,…

51 What is the best composite to use for indirect technique with Mach-2 die silicone?

The wonderful thing about the Mach-2 Indirect Technique is that it works GREAT with whatever composite you're using now. All it does is let you make the restoration in the office, without a separate lab fee. Use whatever you're presently using, and the results…

52 What is the longest I can wait to pour a Cinch impression?

Impressions stored at room temperature may be poured for up to 30 days.

53 What is the procedure for using MTL-V Primer?

After coating the prep with the Primer, allow it to remain on the tooth for 10-to-20 seconds. Next, gently air blow the liquid for 5 seconds (do not desiccate), and proceed with cementation.

54 What is the solvent used in DuraFinish All-Cure?


55 What should I do if the patient does not get any pain relief?

First try a second application of Pain-Free, Touch&Bond or Brush&Bond. If the patient continues to show no improvement, and the desensitization treatment was on a specific tooth, advise the patient there is a strong possibility of pulpal involvement,…

56 What should I use when cementing a crown to a tooth with a large composite core?

In situations where there is a large composite core, we recommend using Brush&Bond with the SEcure resin cement.

57 What should my curing light’s output be for DuraFinish?

To cure DuraFinish All-Cure, the minimum curing light output for any LED, Halogen, Laser or PAC light is 400 mw/cm2.

58 What types of cases are recommended for cementation with SEcure?

SEcure is recommended for: 1. Crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays made of metal, resin or porcelain. (This includes porcelain fused to metal.) 2. Metal and fiber endodontic posts. 3. Alumina and zirconia restorations. (Please note that, as with all dental…

59 When I plugged the power cable into the back of the Integra, it connected without a problem, but the foot pedal won’t plug in. What should I do?

You probably plugged the power cable into the foot pedal port. To ensure that the proper connections are made, the foot pedal connector will not seat into the power connection port. Remove the power cable from the foot pedal port and insert it into the other…

60 Where can I get information regarding the technique to properly use the Thermique Thermal Condenser? Thank you!

The best way to learn how to use the Thermique is to call either myself or Dr. Mike Karter here at Parkell. If you call 1-800-243-7446 from M-F, from 9:30am to 4:00 pm EST, you can speak to one of us, and we can help you learn the Thermique Technique.