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16 Could you give me information and comparisons with other lights, like the Flashlight 1405, or the MD LED 2000? What is the cost of you product? Is it available from Schein, Darby, or just directly from you? I have been a customer of yours for approximately 30 years – are you offering loyalty specials for years' end?

Lots of questions, some of which I can answer, and some I can't. Here we go. The Aurora is available from Parkell direct at $399, or from most major dental dealers for whatever they wish to charge. It's up to them, but there's usually a small markup. I really…

17 Do you still service the clean machine ultrasonic scaler?

Yes, Parkell still services our Clean Machine Ultrasonic Scaler. For service, simply pack the unit well and forward it to our factory at: Parkell Repair Dept. 300 Executive Dr. Edgewood, NY 11717 Enclose a note describing the problem, and make sure to include…

18 Does SEcure’s Primer provide the same sealing and desensitizing benefits as Brush&Bond?

Yes. Since the Primer is also 4-META based, it has the same ability to desensitize and seal the prep.

19 How do I double bleed a cartridge composite like HyperFIL-DC?

After removing the syringe cap (or the previously used mixing tip), and discarding it, expel HyperFIL onto a pad until you see flow coming from both barrels of the syringe. Next, attach a mixing tip and bleed a small amount of material onto a pad through…

20 How long should the Thermique battery last until it needs replacement?

Since its introduction in 2004, we have not had to replace a single battery in a Thermique unit. This does not mean battery replacement will never be required. It simply means that under normal use, you should get many years from the battery before replacement…

21 How quickly can I pour a Cinch impression?

A Cinch impression can be poured in as little as 15 minutes after it is removed from the mouth.

22 How should I disinfect my impression prior to sending it to the lab?

Use a hospital-level disinfectant that is EPA-registered as “tuberculocidal” for the appropriate time as specified by the manufacturer of the product. Water-based disinfectants are preferred.

23 How should I store SNAP in my office?

Store SNAP in a dark, cool location that does not expose the monomer to sunlight.

24 I am currently using a combination of Affinice by Coltene with Cinch platinum putty for implant impressions. Is the Sharp-Cinch platinum putty a good combination considering the setting time and chemistry?

Sharp Wash and the Cinch tray viscosity materials work fine together. Just remember that Sharp Wash has a 3-minute setting time, while the Cinch tray materials can be either 4-minute products (Cinch Putty or Cinch Medium) OR 2-minute products (Quick Cinch…

25 I currently use AmalgamBond when I am doing a restoration that comes in contact with an existing restoration, such as doing a do on a tooth that has an existing mo.(resins). Will Brush&Bond work as well when bonding to an existing restoration? Which bond is better to use when using Vitrebond as a liner?

I believe AmalgamBond (or even a loose mix of C&B Metabond, for that matter) would be a better choice when "grafting" new restorations to old, either when amalgam or dense, heavily- filled composite is involved. This is because the self-curing nature…

26 I currently use Tubliseal for root canal fills with ProTaper points. Results are good but could be improved. I always have the thought/fear that I am not drying the canals enough. Could you provide your definition of "moist dentin" which MetaSEAL is reported to love and why MetaSEAL is more moisture tolerant? Also how much moisture is too much?

MetaSEAL utilizes the 4-META molecule to enhance its penetration into the root canal dentin. 4-META is a "bi-polar" molecule, with a hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end. It is attracted to water at the "philic" side. 4-META "seeks" out water in the dentin,…

27 I forgot to keep the Primer refrigerated and it turned brown. Will this brown tint impact the final shade of my all-ceramic/cosmetic restoration?

The brown tint should not impact the final shade of the restoration as it disappears when the material is thinned during application. Although not necessary, if you have concerns, we recommend using Brush&Bond for esthetically critical cases.

28 I have a syringe of TR-2 (Temporary Resin Cement). When expressed, the mixed cement simply does not set.  The syringe's Lot # (is) TR-08295/08295. Why is this? Thanks

According to the lot number you mentioned, your TR-2 expired about 3 months ago. That's why it's not setting. For future reference, our lot numbers list the date of manufacture of the product. In this case, your syringe was loaded on the 295th day of year…

29 I have a Thermique condenser that no longer holds a charge for very long – it will hold the charge for only 10 seconds of operation. Do you have a replacement battery that will fix this problem? If so, is it a fix that I can do myself? If not, would it be possible to allow it to work while still plugged into the outlet? Thanks for your help!

The Thermique battery is replaceable by Parkell only. The unit has a 5-year warranty on parts and labor when purchased in the USA. If you need service, call 1-800-243-7446 and ask for a repair to get the proper return documentation. To comply with Federal…

30 I have recently purchased HyperFil™-DC and would like to know the following before I use it clinically:

1. Is it compatible with dentin/enamel bonding agents of All Bond2 and Simplicity (which I had been using with great success)? 2. Will it bond to other composites like the 3M’s Z100, Supreme and flowable composite materials? 3. Will it bond to existing…