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1 A few years ago, you were nice enough to advise me about a camera for the office and I am very happy with the one I purchased thanks to your advice, so thank you. For the past few years, I have seen your columns and advice in the dental magazines and I am interested in your technique for seating a set of veneers. I am currently using 35% etch w/ Prime & Bond and Variolink to bond them. I have been experiencing some post-op sensitivity and would like to eliminate that if possible. I am interested in trying Brush&Bond™ for my bonding procedures and veneers, and was wondering what you thought. Can Brush&Bond be used for veneers and is etching required with the product? What is the best technique to seat them? Also, how is Brush&Bond with composites? I currently use Clearfil SE Bond with no-etch and occasionally have some sensitivity, but not much. I would like to have as close to zero post-op sensitivity as possible. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your help!

I'm glad the camera recommendation worked out. To answer your question, in a recent article found in Parkell Today (“Diastema Management with Veneers”), I made mention of my long time use of Brush&Bond for delivering veneer cases. Its film thickness…

2 Am I correct that my assistants are over doing it on the liquid by failing to hold the bottle exactly vertical when dispensing? I seem to see inconsistent amounts of liquid in the well after they mix the brush in. They think I am just being picky, but we seem to run out of liquid consistently, more often than not with several brushes left over.If my suspicions are correct, ever think about a longer spout on the bottle to lessen the criticality of a vertical drop.  It is pretty hard to see whether the bottle is vertical from all three planes when it is down on the work surface.  I can often see from my viewing angle that they are lined up good, left to right, but they almost always have the bottle tipped away from them.It’s just one of those small annoyances that would be good to eliminate if it would be possible without much complication.Love your stuff!

As to the drops issue, I've previously calculated that there are 125 drops of liquid for the 100 brushes we provide. Since the B&B activator brush will activate 1, 2 or 3 drops at one time, there are actually three scenarios. Either: 1. You consistently…

3 Ask the Docs (Nov/Dec 2012)

FAQs about the AeroEtcher, Amalgambond Plus, Brush&Bond, Retrieve, Etch-Free, Ultrasonic Inserts

4 Ask the Docs (Nov/Dec 2012)

FAQs about the AeroEtcher, Amalgambond Plus, Brush&Bond, Retrieve, Etch-Free, Ultrasonic Inserts

5 Ask the Docs: FAQs on New Dryz Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste

6 Can I apply more than one coat of DuraFinish All-Cure?

It is recommended that you apply as thin a coat of DuraFinish All-Cure as possible. You may apply a second coat at the same time as the initial application if you want a thicker glazed surface, however, if you are applying a second coat at a later appointment,…

7 Can I bond composite to a tooth that has been desensitized with Pain-Free?

No. Since Pain-Free is strictly a desensitizer, it forms a non-reactive outer layer of polymer. If you want to bond to a tooth treated with Pain-Free, this outer layer must first be removed.

8 Can I bond composite to DuraFinish All-Cure?

No, the outer layer of DuraFinish All-Cure is non-reactive. In order to add composite to a DuraFinish coated restoration, the existing DuraFinish layer must be removed.

9 Can I control the water setting with the foot pedal of the Integra?

No. The water settings can only be controlled by the touchpad on the Integra.

10 Can I leave fluid in the Integra’s reservoirs overnight?

To prevent biofilm formation, we recommend that you empty and clean the reservoirs at the end of each day. You should begin each day with fresh solutions in the reservoirs.

11 Can I repair the margins of SNAP temps with a Bis-acryl temporary material such as Parkell’s SmarTemp™?

Bis-acryl products are composite materials. We, therefore, do not recommend using them for repairs to SNAP temporary restorations. As is the case with light-cure composites, the long-term possibility of a successful repair of a SNAP temporary restoration…

12 Can I repair the margins of SNAP temps with composite?

While it may be possible to bond some composite to a SNAP temporary, the long-term possibility of success is unlikely. We therefore do not recommend using composite to repair SNAP temporary restorations. To minimize the likelihood of future problems, repairs…

13 Can I use SEcure to cement veneers?

Color stability of dual-cure resin cements is always a concern. SEcure is no exception. Therefore, we do not recommend using SEcure as a veneer cement.

14 Can I use the SEcure™ Primer with other resin cements? What about as a bonding agent for composites?

No. The Primer is specifically designed to work only with the SEcure resin cement. Testing of the SEcure Primer with other manufacturers’ resin cements and composite materials (including Parkell’s EPIC™, HyperFIL™, and Absolute Dentin™) shows that…

15 Can the basic Periosonic unit or the Model-W be used with a Parkell TurboPIEZO scaler, or scalers from other companies?

Periosonic will work with all scalers, Parkell and otherwise, as long as they have the standard compression connection for the 1/4" O.D. / 1/8" I.D. fabric-insulated water hose. Even if they don't, there are always adapters to allow connection. In fact, it…