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1 Composite Restorations and Oral Cancer - Dr. Olva Odlum

Here's how a history of oral cancer affects the materials that are selected for restorative procedures.

2 Fast and Beautiful Temporary Veneers - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

Your laminate patients don't want ugly temps. Here's a rapid-fire technique that produces terrific looking provisionals.

3 From Impression To Finished Dies In Less Than 6 Minutes. - Nelson Gendusa, DDS

A helpful step-by-step on how to fabricate indirect composite restorations in a one-appointment procedure.

4 How to Rejuvenate Aging Direct Veneers - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

After 5-8 years, most direct veneers will require refurbishing. Here's an easy step-by-step technique using an actual case.

5 Sometimes Simpler Really IS Better - David H. Roholt, DDS

Presenting the Posterior Compression Technique—a fast, simple way to improve the longevity of your posterior composites.

6 The One-Appointment Direct Bridge - John Savage DDS

The patient is self-conscious about a missing anterior tooth, but traditional C&B is out of the question due to cost or time constraints. Here's a technique the author has used to replace more than 1000 missing teeth over the years without crowns, models,…