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1 Air-Polishing Hints from Someone Who's Performed the Procedure 15,000 times - Richard Goldman, DDS

How air-polishing helped me build my practice. How to minimizing the mess. How to improve patient acceptance. And a lot more . . .

2 An Introduction to Subgingival Scaling - Larry Burnett, DDS

Your ultrasonic scaler (no, not the curette!) is your most potent weapon against periodontal disease. Here's the rationale . . .

3 Antimicrobials and the Ultrasonic Scaler - Larry Burnett, DDS

Most perio patients will show dramatic improvement when put on a regular program of ultrasonic debridement. But what about those who don't? This article discusses the combined use of different ultrasonics and other treatments when you have to ratchet up your…

4 Blood and Periodontal Disease - Larry Burnett, DDS

If a patient bleeds while you're probing, consider it a useful diagnostic tool. After all, only you know how to read the body's cry for help.

5 How to Know When it's Time to Replace Your Ultrasonic Insert - Nelson Gendusa, DDS

BEWARE: worn out inserts often look and sound like brand new inserts. Here are some practical suggestions to help you distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.

6 Is There Such a Thing as Obsessive Scaling? - Larry Burnett, DDS

Everyone wants clean, calculus-free roots. But how clean is "clean enough"?

7 Predicting Perio Disease Before it Happens - Larry Burnett, DDS

A short guide to perio evaluation: Not all patients are likely to be afflicted with periodontal disease. Here's a test to help you decide which patients require special attention.

8 Scaler vs. Scaler – Michael Karter, DDS

Magnetostrictive or piezo ultrasonic scaler, which one is right for my practice?

9 Treating the Perio Slacker - Larry Burnett, DDS

Face it, good oral hygiene ranks low on many patients list of priorities. Still, you have it within your power to save their teeth. Here's what the author means . . .