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1 Blu-Mousse Trayless Impression - Kent M. Mattison, DMD

No retraction. No hemostasis. Just 5 minutes from start to finish. Once you get the timing right, you can distort a semi-set Blu-Mousse impression, and it will set in this new shape. This discovery has led to a new kind of impression.

2 Cordless Retraction That Works With All Impression Techniques - John A. Smith, DDS

If you hate packing cord as much as the author does, here's a clever alternative that's allowed him to practice entirely cord-free. And don't worry - this procedure works with all impression techniques!

3 Fabricating a New Crown to Fit an Existing Clasp - Allen L. Weiner, DMD

The greatest thing about this step-by-step is that you don't have to send the partial to the lab while the crown is fabricated!

4 Fool-Proof Invisalign® Technique Using Parkell's Cinch™ Quick VPS - by Harry Long, DDS

Optimize your Invisalign® technique by using Cinch 90, with its short working time and quick set.

5 How to Improve the Accuracy of Your Double-Arch Impressions - Gary Schoenrock, DDS

From the creator of the Laminar Impression Technique, 11 suggestions to assure you're getting the most accurate restorations possible using a double-arch tray.

6 Laminar Impression - Part 1 - Rod Kurthy, DMD

When he switched to this technique, the accuracy of the author's C&B went far beyond what he ever imagined was possible. He also slashed impression time in half! Here's an easy-to-follow step-by-step . . .

7 Laminar Impression - Part 2 - Rod Kurthy, DMD

The author takes time to answer questions from the dentists who've read "Laminar Impression - Part 1".

8 Model-Based Guided Implant Surgery; Planned Precision - Lambert J. Stumpel, III, DDS

Guided implant surgery is a paradigm shift that will allow a greater number of dentists to place implants expertly and expose a much greater number of patients to this type of treatment modality.

9 Pre-Occluded Registration - Robert Weller, DDS

Great for patients with excellent intercuspation, but doesn't allow room for occlusal material. The patient never closes into the registration material, so there's no chance a subtle excursion may skew the accuracy of the bite.

10 The Laminar Impression Lab Procedure - Rod Kurthy, DMD and Paula Kim, CDT

This article shows how a first-class technician processes a laminar double-arch impression. Follow this case from the arrival of the prescription and impression at the lab, through to the post-cementation check film.