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1 A Quick Way to Retrieve a Broken File - Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS

We've all been there before . . . here's a fool-proof way to retrieve a broken file using materials that you already have.

2 Clinical Comparison of Three "All-Fluids" Apex Locators - Reprinted from DentalTown Magazine

Electronic apex locators have finally come of age! This article compares three devices (Root ZX, Analytic Technology and the Foramatron D-10 Apex Locator) in terms of accuracy, ease-of-use and price.

3 How to Get the Most Out of Your "All-Fluids" Apex Locator

A "how-to" manual to help you understand what your locator is telling you: how it works . . . what it's really measuring . . . silly mistakes that may negate its incredible accuracy . . . and more!

4 The Hybridizing Endodontic Sealer - Nelson Gendusa, DDS

Using independent research, micrographs and diagrams, here's how an adhesive endodontic sealer actually works.