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1 For Easy, Everyday E-Surgery – Keep It Simple. - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

Demystifying the Electrosurge. In the author's opinion, most articles and lectures that discuss e-surgery are needlessly complex. Though the author relies on his e-surge every day, he uses just one power setting, one cutting mode and two tips for everything.…

2 How to Produce a Readable "Equigingival" Margin Without A Retraction cord - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

Improve impression quality by troughing your preparations with your electrosurge. (Where you can and cannot do it.)

3 The "Emergence Illusion" - Allen L. Weiner, DDS

In just a few minutes with an electrosurge, you can create the illusion that your crowns and pontics are growing right out of the tissue.

4 Tissue Modification and the Anterior Laminate - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

An introduction to using the electrosurge as part of your cosmetic armamentarium, this article follows a case from beginning to end.

5 Using Your Electrosurge Around Metal Implants - Laurence Stein, DDS

A simple technique that uses your electrosurge to remove tissue that has overgrown a healing abutment. (Yes, we said "electrosurge"!)