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1 How to Build a 3-unit Splint that Preserves Existing Crowns - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

This case first appeared in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. #20 required both crowning and splinting, but it seemed a shame to sacrifice the perfectly good crowns already on #19 and #21. Here's a step-by-step that details how creative dentists are solving…

2 How to Rejuvenate Aging Direct Veneers - Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

After 5-8 years, most direct veneers will require refurbishing. Here's a step-by-step technique using an actual case.

3 How to Reline a Lingual Skirt in Minutes - Kim Henry, DMD

The RPD fits the model like a glove, but when you go to the mouth you discover the teeth have drifted and there's a gap under the lingual plate. Now what?

4 Porcelain Fracture Repair - Nelson Gendusa, DDS

The "best" way to repair a fractured facing is influenced by a number of considerations. This is what we mean . . .

5 Should a Non-carious Cervical Lesion be Restored? - Nelson Gendusa, DDS

Restoring the Class V abfraction is still a judgment call, but here's some fascinating, clinically-relevant research that may influence your judgment.