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Integra FAQ
Views: 2432 Created: 10/18/2010 09:32 Last Updated: 10/28/2010 10:15

Integra FAQ



What is the volume of the reservoir bottles?


Each bottle holds 475 ml (approximately 16 oz.).


How many patients can I expect to treat from each bottle?


This is totally dependent on the water setting and the length of the procedure.  For average prophys with a water setting of 3, it is possible to get two to four prophies from a bottle before it requires refilling.


Can the Integra draw liquid from both reservoir bottles at the same time?


No.  The Integra can only draw from one bottle at a time.


Why does the power setting on my Integra change without me intentionally changing it?


You are probably unintentionally hitting the Power Adjustment Button on the foot pedal.  If this problem persists, you can deactivate the foot pedal Power Adjustment Button by flipping the silver lever on the back of the pedal down.   


If I only intend to use the Integra with the solutions in the reservoir bottles, do I still have to hook up the external water line?


No.  It is not necessary to hook up the external water line if you intend to run the Integra solely from the bottles.  Running the Integra solely from the bottles not only allows for convenient placement of the Integra anywhere in the operatory, but it also allows for an unlimited variety of irrigation solutions to be used, including city water.


Both of the reservoirs are full but the irrigation solution is not being pumped…why?


Follow these troubleshooting steps to determine and remedy the possible cause of no water flow.

1.    Make sure the left switch on the Integra is set for “Bottle”.

2.    Make sure the insert is fully seated in the handpiece by removing the insert and reinserting it.

3.    Try using a different insert.

4.    Open the bottle cover and check to see if the drawing tubes that suck the fluid out of the bottles have come loose. Press them firmly into position to be sure they are fully seated.

5.    With your foot on the pedal, in a quiet room where the sounds from the suction and compressor are not audible, listen to determine if you hear the pump.

6.    Unplug the unit for 20 seconds to allow it to reset, then plug it back in and try again.

7.    If you are still not getting the irrigation solution to flow through the insert call Parkell at 800-243-7446.  While we are often able to resolve these situations over the phone, sometimes it is necessary to return the unit to Parkell for servicing by a trained technician.


There is no On/Off switch…How do I turn the Integra on?


If you push either the Power or Water minus button on the touch pad, the Integra will power on. 


There is no On/Off switch…How do I turn the Integra off?


If you simultaneously push the Power and Water minus buttons on the touch pad, the Integra will power off.  The Integra will also automatically shut itself off after about 30 minutes of non use.


Does the Integra accept both 25KHz and 30 KHz inserts?


Yes.  You can use both 25KHz and 30 KHz inserts in the Integra.


Can I use the Integra on pregnant patients?


The Integra, like all magnetostrictive scalers, creates a magnetic field when used.  We therefore do not recommend that the Integra, or any other magnetostrictive scaler, be used on pregnant patients without obtaining clearance from the patients OB GYN first.

Can I use my Integra unit on patients with pacemakers, internal defibrillators or other implantable electronic devices?


The Integra, like all magnetostrictive scalers, creates a magnetic field when used.  We therefore do not recommend that the Integra, or any other magnetostrictive scaler, be used on patients with Implantable Electronic Devices.   Magnetic fields generated by magnetostrictive scalers can disrupt normal function of non-shielded implantable cardiac devices.


When I plugged in the power cable into the back of the Integra it connected without a problem, but the foot pedal won’t plug in.  What should I do?


You probably plugged the power cable into the foot pedal port.  To ensure that the proper connections are made, the foot pedal connector will not seat into the power connection port.  Remove the power cable from the foot pedal port and insert it into the other connection site in the back of the Integra.  You should now be able to successfully connect the foot pedal to the previously occupied  port.


Can I control the water setting with the foot pedal?


No.  The water settings can only be controlled by the touchpad on the Integra.



Can I leave fluid in the reservoirs overnight?


To prevent biofilm formation, we recommend that you empty and clean the reservoirs at the end of each day.  You should begin each day with fresh solutions in the reservoirs.


Does the Integra have an anti-retraction valve to prevent “suck back” of fluids?


Yes.  Like all Parkell scalers, the Integra has an anti-retraction valve to prevent fluid suck back.


What is biofilm?


Biofilm is a thin layer of microorganisms that accumulates on the inner surface of flexible plastic tubes and containers that hold or transport water from public water supplies.  (Using public water in one of the Integra bottles is the equivalent of using water from the public water system.)



How should I clean the Integra waterlines?


The following solutions at the specified concentrations can be run through the lines to minimize biofilm buildup.  For maximum effectiveness, these solutions should be run through the unit at the start of each day for at about 5 minutes.

  1. Listerine 5:1 dilution with water.
  2. Chlorhexidine 10:1 dilution with water.
  3. Sterilex®:  Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s packaging for proper use.