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I currently use Tubliseal for root canal fills with ProTaper points. Results are good but could be improved. I always have the thought/fear that I am not drying the canals enough. Could you provide your definition of "moist dentin" which MetaSEAL is reported to love and why MetaSEAL is more moisture tolerant? Also how much moisture is too much?
Views: 1271 Created: 10/14/2010 20:49 Last Updated: 10/14/2010 20:49

MetaSEAL utilizes the 4-META molecule to enhance its penetration into the root canal dentin.  4-META is a "bi-polar" molecule, with a hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end.  It is attracted to water at the "philic" side. 4-META "seeks" out water in the dentin, so you just need water IN the dentin, not ON the dentin.

Basically, it's very hard to dry an endo tooth incorrectly, since we're not concerned with desiccation and nerve damage.  So, to answer the question of how wet is too wet, we just don't want any puddling which might interfere with the penetration of the product into the dentin.  Paper point drying with a little compressed air assisting works just fine; in fact, it's what I've been doing for many years.