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I'm looking for a resin composite bonding agent to bond resin composites to dentin and enamel. I use a cordless LED curing light. Given that your product Touch&Bond doesn't cure with LED lights, what other bonding agents do you have that’s compatible with LEDs?
Views: 1259 Created: 10/14/2010 20:38 Last Updated: 10/14/2010 20:38

The successor to Touch&Bond is Parkell's very successful Brush&Bond self-etching bonding agent. It requires only one coat, works with any bonding light, creates a very thin film, works with self-cure, light-cure and dual-cure composites, and is wickedly strong.

Follow the instructions in the kit and I believe you will be very happy with the product. I and many other dentists have used B&B for bonding for almost 7 years, and have had great success. If you have any other questions, call me at 1-800-243-7446, from M-F, from 9:30am to 4:00pm EST.