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I read with interest your article on restoring notched lesions in the July 2008, Parkell Today. I used exactly the same technique as yours (Brush&Bond and Epic-TMPT). What I didn't see mentioned in your article was the use of any type of matrix. I used a clear matrix hoping to get a more "dense" or "compact" restoration. Do you think it is necessary to use a matrix or not?I enjoy reading your articles and am also a great believer in Parkell products. Thank you for any info you may provide on the use of a matrix or not.
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Thanks for your kind remarks on my articles. Much appreciated.
To answer your question, while I haven't found it necessary to use a matrix, I can understand the potential benefits of using one. Because EPIC flows so nicely, I'm usually not concerned about density, but I would guess one would get a more ideal cervical contour with proper use of a matrix. If this approach works for you, I would stick with it. In either case, you've chosen some great materials for the task in question.
Best regards and thanks again.