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Can the basic Periosonic unit or the Model-W be used with a Parkell TurboPIEZO scaler, or scalers from other companies?
Views: 1654 Created: 10/14/2010 20:14 Last Updated: 10/14/2010 20:14

Periosonic will work with all scalers, Parkell and otherwise, as long as they have the standard compression connection for the 1/4" O.D. / 1/8" I.D. fabric-insulated water hose. Even if they don't, there are always adapters to allow connection. In fact, it is even possible to connect a Periosonic water source to be the bottled water supply for an entire dental unit. All it takes is the right connectors, hoses, and a thorough knowledge of dental plumbing. Not for the novice, but certainly possible. I know, because I’ve done it in my own operatory. If you need advice, just give us a call.